Tuesday, March 4, 2014

We Are

By Mark vonAppen

We know who we are, do you?

We are a spark.

We live for the fight, the sting of heat on our skin.

We are edgy.

We are confrontational.

We are aggressive.

We are smart.

We push the limits as we pull others along.

We are those for whom good enough isn't good enough.

We are never satisfied.

We do as we are told, but not only as we are told.

We are moody.

We are complicated.

We are committed.

We are dirty.

We are relentless.

We are those for whom good enough simply isn't good enough.  We are frightening to some.

We are frightening to some.

We are individual.

We are team.

We are different.

We are the same.

We are teachers.

We are students.

We are questions.

We are answers.

We are fighters.

We are survivors.

We are dauntless.

We are brothers.

We are sisters.

We are who we claim to be.

We are real.

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